Keep them safe in a large storage unit in Missoula, MT

Extra vehicles can be a pain to store at home. Plus, many homeowners associations don't want you to park boats and rafts on the street. Copperstone Stor-All can provide a boat, motor home and RV storage facility in Missoula, Montana for your vehicles. Our large storage units are the ideal place to put away oversized items. Are you in the process of moving? A large storage unit can also hold all of your household items in one secure location.

Maybe your business has large-scale storage needs. You can take advantage of our customizable business options. This affordable option is great for keeping commercial vehicles and furniture safe.

Rent a furniture, boat or RV storage facility in Missoula, Montana at an affordable price. Call 406-728-7867 now to learn more.

Store your largest items easily

Whether you need to store recreational equipment for a short time or vehicles for a long time, you can depend on us for help. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of different units including:

18 X 40
14 X 42
12 X 13
12 X 20 X 12
10 X 30 X 12
12 X 35 X 12 (Pull through)
12 X 35 X 12
12 X 50 X 14 (Pull through, Electrical)
12 X 30 X 12
14 X 42 X 14 (Electrical, Man Door)
18 X 40 X 14 (Electrical, Man Door)

A large storage unit is ideal for:

  • Boats
  • Motor homes
  • Campers and RVs
  • Horse trailers
  • Recreational equipment
Move your larger items into a storage unit at Copperstone Stor-All today.