Tenant Protection

Tenant Protection

Protect your storage unit against the unexpected!

Copperstone Stor All requires that you have tenant protection or have the unit added your to homeowner's insurance policy. When you have tenant protection insurance you are covered in the event that your items are not covered by your homeowner's policy. In addition, having tenant protection insurance means you don't have to file a claim on your homeowner insurance policy. This could protect you from an increase in premiums or potential cancellation of your policy.

Do I need insurance coverage?

INSURANCE. Lessee, at Lessee's own expense, shall maintain a policy of fire, extended coverage endorsement, burglary, vandalism and malicious mischief insurance for the actual cash value of stored property. Insurance on Lessee's property is a material condition of this agreement and is for the benefit of both Lessee and Lessor. Failure to carry the required insurance is a breach of this agreement and Lessee assumes all risk of loss to stored property that would be covered by such insurance. Lessee expressly agrees that the insurance company providing such insurance shall not be subrogated to any claim of Lessee against Lessor, Lessor's agents or employees for loss of or damage to stored property.

Types of losses covered

TenantOne Direct provides affordable insurance coverage for losses to property kept in a self-storage unit due to burglary, lightning, windstorm, hail, fire, smoke, earthquake, building collapse, explosion, vandalism, riot, rodent/vermin damage and water damage (some exclusions apply).

Types of property

Almost any personal property and some business property that a customer stores is eligible for insurance coverage. The following goods are not covered under this policy and are automatically excluded: accounts, deeds, bills, currency, evidence of debt, securities, money, notes, jewelry, watches, precious stones, furs and garments trimmed in fur. Some business inventory is also not covered. Call your TenantOne Direct representative for details. Coverage may also be declined on exotic, imported or high-value contents. The policy is not designed to cover these types of items. Stated value insurance policies are available from most local insurance agents for items like antiques and other high-value collectibles.

Are You Covered?

Please confirm and add your unit to your homeowners policy or contact TenantOne at 800-544-6464 to inquire about rates and policies starting at just $5.00/month.